Superior Temporal Gyrus

Superior Temporal Gyrus

Sumit Karia MD 

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The superior temporal gyrus is located between the posterior ramus of the lateral fissure and the superior temporal sulcus. Posteriorly, it communicates with the supramarginal and angular gyri.

The middle portion of the superior part of the superior temporal gyrus is termed transverse temporal gyrus.


Wernicke’s area is located in the posterior section of this gyrus in the dominant cerebral hemisphere. This area receives information from the auditory cortex and is then responsible for cortical associations which ultimately assign word meanings.


Stroke in Wernicke’s area results in Wernicke’s aphasia, which is a fluent aphasia in which there is markedly impaired comprehension, with voluminous and meaningless speech. Comprehension and production of written language is also impaired. The patient appears unaware of the deficit.