Pituitary Gland

Pituitary Gland

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Normal Pituitary Gland – Master Endocrine Gland

72355  pituitary gland posterior pituitary anterior pituitary hypophysis hypophyseal stalk normal anatomy function Davidoff Art Davidoff drawing Davidoff MD

Specialized Functions of the Endocrine System – Metabolic Control

72353 pituitary gland posterior pituitary gland thyroid adrenal cortex pancreas insulin bone muscle growth adipose tissue fat glucose parathyroid gland calcium breast lactation prolactin ovary estrogen FSH progesterone testis testes testosterone function physiology specialised function control endocrine system Davidoff art Davidoff drawing Davidoff MD


Normal pituitary on T1 weighted images

men height 8mm

women  height 9mm

children under 12 6mm or less

upper surface slightly concave

changes during puberty and pregnancy

pregnancy no gland arger than 10mm

post partum up to 11.8mm


Normal Pituitary Pre and Post Gadilinium

81932c.8s brain normal pituitary anatomy MRI T1 pre gadolinium T1 post gadolinium corpus callosum pons midbrain tongue soft palate sphenoid sinus pituitary stalk Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD copyright 2008bb

Probable Pituitary Microadenoma

71437c04 76 female pituitary gland T1 weighted before and after contrast stalk normal enhancement a and C = T1 precontrast b and d = T2 post contrast mild right sided convexitybest seen on b consistent with a microadenoma MRI Davidoff MD

Normal Pituitary and Prolactinoma

81942c04.8s 65 male with macroadenoma of the pituitary gland clinically consistent with a prolactinoma normal and abnormal MRI T1 weighted images post gadolinium Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD copyright 2008