Foramen of Luschke

Foramen of Luschke aka Lateral Apertures

Ashley Davidoff MD

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The foramina of Luschka (aka lateral apertures) are a pair of structures within the ventricular system of the brain which connect the fourth ventricle with the quadrigeminal cistern. They represent two of the three pathways that enable CSF to connect with the subarachnoid space

Sagittal View of the Ventricles

The diagram in the sagittal projection reveals the horizontal portion called the lateral ventricle. It is a paired structure that houses the frontal horn, body, and the vertical portion which is composed of the 3rd ventricle, cerebral aqueduct and the 4th ventricle. The lateral ventricle consists of the frontal horn, body, occipital horn, atrium and the temporal horn The foramen of Monro connects the lateral ventricles with the third ventricle. The paired foramina of Luschka are sitiuated anteriorly in the 4th ventricle and they allow CSF to circulate in the subarachnoid spaces. The foramen of Magendie is a single structure and is situated posteriorly and it also enables CSF to enter the subarachnoid space.

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