Fornix of the Brain

Sumit Karia MD

The Common Vein Copyright 2010


The fornix is a lamina of white matter located immediately below the corpus callosum. It has a shape of a triangle with its base being posterior, being fused  to the corpus callosum in the posterior third. Ahead of this part, it is connected to the same structure through the septum pellucidum, which is a vertical lamina situated in the midline. On each side of the septum pellucidum, the superior face of the fornix constitutes the floor of the lateral ventricles.

The fornix is a bundle of fibers near the hippocampus. The fibers wrap around from each side of the brain, converging in the center to compose the body of the fornix. The fornix body divides near the antirior commissure. The posterior fibers connect through the hypothalamus to the mammilary bodies. The anterior fibers connect to the septal nuclei on each hemisphere of the brain. Its function is to carry information from the hippocampus to the mammilary bodies and septal nuclei.



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