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This section is designed to frame the hindbrain to enable basic concepts to start at ground level.  It is easiest to conceive the hindbrain in three views;- The sagittal, axial and coronal view.


The Hindbrain

Stick Diagram

The hindbrain consists of 3 major components;the pons (light pink, the medulla, (salmon) and the cerebellum (maroon)

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Axila Plane

The Medulla

4 Ice Cream Cones in a Row

The medulla at its classic location has some subtle shape diferences when compared to the midbrain and pons mostly accentuated by the olives (green)which are the second set of ice cream shaped wedges . The medial set of ice cream cones that are light pink are the medullary pyramids Posteriorly – the salmon pink bilobed section is called the tegmentum

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Clear Landmark in the Axial Plane –

The Pontiff’s Hat that Sits on the Pons

The 4th ventricvle in the axial plane looks like the pontiff’s hat which is called the mitre A pmnemonic you may want to use to remind you of the structure that is posteriorly related to the 4th ventricle may be “The pontiff’s hat that sits on the pons”

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