Arachnoid Granulations

Arachnoid Granulations – Arachnoid Villi- Pacchionian Granulations

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 The arachnoid granulations  are protrusions of arachnoid through the dura into the venous sinuses that enable the CSF to empty into the venous system.

Functionally the CSF drains from the higher pressure of the subarachnoid space into the lower pressure venous system via one way direction system.

Arachnoid Granulation

Penetration of the Arachnoid through the Dura into the Dural Sinus

This diagram shows the morphology of the arachnoid granulation which is formed by the protrusion of the arachnoid membrane through the dura into the sinus. As it extends into the sinus it draws the subarachnoid space with it. The communication of the subarachnoid space and the arachnoid with the dural venous sinus allows the CSF to move from the subarachnoid space into the venous system. Also shown is the bone (white), dura (green), subdural space (black) arachnoid (pink) subarachnoid space (light blue) piamater (maroon) and the brain (cream colored) .

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Osteolytic Changes in the Bone From the Arachnoid Granulations

The CT of the vertex of the skull shows characteristic lobular (a) and linear changes (c,d) on the inner table of the skull reminiscent of osteolytic effects of arachnoid granulations.

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